Reaching Peak Performance Trilogy

Reaching Peak Performance Workshop Trilogy

I have just finished my 2nd Trilogy of Reaching Peak Performance Mindspan sessions with The University of Essex, delivered to over 40 students across the two series. This package has also been delivered to the Business School 2021 MBA cohort and selected faculty at The University of Oxford during the summer.

All felt that given the current period of uncertainty we are experiencing that facilitating some formal workshops on Mindset and Self Leadership was essential to being more productive and successful in the coming month and year.

The series is to provide a taste of what it truly takes to reach personal peak performance and changing the way to think to improve your live. Mindspan has spent the last twenty-one years researching what it is that enables people to perform at high levels. The key finding is, that whatever your surroundings or circumstances it is what is going on in your head that is most important.

The series will help individuals focus on self-leadership, create high performance and allow more fulfilment in people

It is never the easiest thing to deliver this type of training course over Zoom, as the content lends itself to engagement, but I have to say the chat in sessions was always firing up with comments and questions which allowed good flow and participation. This shows as attendance has been consistent throughout the whole ‘course’.

The content of this series is based on the Mindspan Triad with 3, 1.5hours sessions spread 2 weeks apart. This allows the participants to take away the learning between the sessions and complete the exercises allowing for habit formation to start.

Peak performance coaching

The Mindspan Competency Framework – the classic work life balance 

What are the 3 sessions were compromised of?

Within the sessions I take attendees through:

  • Why you think and how to embed new habits
  • Using frameworks that give you more rigour and routine to your day
  • Learning Affirmational goal setting
  • Getting clarity around the areas of ‘life’ both personal and professional that you would like to work on and improve
  • A mix of learning and practical application during the session and takeaways
  • Shifting to using more positive language
  • Reaching Peak Performance in a holistic but sustainable way
  • And above all taking action

Session 1 – Foundations of Thinking

  • The Thinking Cycle
  • How we think and how the Subconscious and Conscious mind work.
  • What causes negative thinking spirals and more importantly how to recognise the signs and get yourself out of them quickly.
  • Practical solutions if you get angry, anxious, stressed or speak before you think.
  • How your thinking influences your outcomes in life. What causes negative thinking spirals
  • Homework exercise: Mindspan Competency framework

I will also show you the importance of, and how, to develop your positive attitudes and get you thinking about what you want in life.

Session 2- Why what you Focus on affects your Self Belief

  • How to utilise the Mindspan 5 steps to greater confidence
  • Why your FOCUS is so crucial to your performance
  • How to blast through your performance limits with high-quality psycholinguistics
  • Understanding the limitations of your beliefs (personal truths)
  • Why you will never know fulfilment until you make yourself more responsible and accountable
  • Choice theory
  • Homework exercise: Life Audit

Session 3 – Gaining Clarity and Purpose in everything you do.

  • How you can raise the quality of what you are doing and enhance your ROE (return on energy)
  • Why valuing time and developing gratitude are your foundations for performance and happiness
  • Understanding why clarity is so important for your brain and how this impacts your performance
  • How to achieve a balanced focus on creating the career and life you really want
  • How to structure and live your goals the Mindspan way
  • How you can use visualisation to impact your performance positively

The main outcome from this session is finding Personal values and Affirmational goal setting that you can take forward to improve your life and personal development.

Reaching Peak Performance

The benefits of these sessions:

  • Go through the key areas of the Mindspan triad that allow people to be more successful at what they do, be happier in both a professional and personal sense, to handle challenges better and get more out of life in general.
  • Using a Psychological approach backs the sessions up with data and evidence to give credibility that shows what the results can be for individuals if they commit to the approach.
  • Allow people to gain greater clarity around what they need to do to reach their full potential
  • Allow people to see what they can control and what they can’t and focus their thinking on the positives to have better outcomes
  • Brings a group of people, department or business all getting on the same page at the same time
  • Allow people to start taking action and instil change “I really took note about when you spoke about value in your time and minutes in your day – last night on the way home I did 2 things that I’d been putting off for months!”
  • Get people hitting their goals in a time-driven manner
  • Give a solid base for behavioural change to drive the business forward
  • Availability of the instructor between sessions to help with the process of habit creation and goal setting
  • These sessions are suitable for people who want to continue their own personal development and Executives in the corporate world as they help with career progression

What organisers and attendees have said about the Reaching Peak Performance sessions:

Andy Head of Start-Up Support, University of Essex

“Neil ran three Mindspan training sessions for the University of Essex Startups Team and they were incredibly well received by the attendees. The structure of the presentations, content provided, and overall engagement led to three really informative and useful sessions. Feedback was excellent and he drew the audience in with enthusiasm and motivation that really maintained a fun and interesting flow to the sessions.”

Michael Cope, Law Student, University of Essex

“Mindspan’s ‘Reaching Peak Performance’ series has been one of the highlights of my time at university. Neil Griffin gives practical advice over three sessions on how to be successful and the process underlying it. This advice is presented clearly and is highly engaging. I have put into practice the methods discussed in the sessions and have become better equipped emotionally and mentally to handle life’s challenges. I have continued to use these techniques in the months following these talks. They are empowering and I believe that if everybody practiced the advice from this series, we would all be living much more enriched lives. You will learn about the thought processes behind success, maintaining focus and a positive attitude. This series has given me the ability to become a more fulfilled person and I would highly recommend it to anybody”

Krishna Maruthur, Start-Up Founder & Psychology Masters Post Grad

“I personally found the sessions very practical and useful to me, especially the future projection exercise and the affirmative style of goal setting. I would recommend these trilogy sessions to anyone seeking to improve their personal and professional life.”

Tracy Gale, Divisional Registrar, University of Oxford

“The Mindspan training sessions provided a great opportunity for our staff to consider their ways of working, as well as their overall mental wellbeing. The workshops were met with enthusiasm, and I could clearly see that our staff were engaging with the content. Neil made the sessions informative, interactive and enjoyable, and went the extra mile to ensure that participants’ questions were answered, even between sessions.”

If you think this type of approach would work in your organisation, please contact me on: and 01206 405 504

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