Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Are you looking to elevate your business, but you don’t know where to start? Whether you’re in need of strategic advice, help with your business planning, project management or even operational support, I can help you with:

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Strategic Advice

What are you or the business trying to achieve? And how are you going to get there? By researching the fundamentals of yourself and the business I can come up with options/guidance to drive you forward.

business consulting services

Business Modelling

I believe planning is the key to success. So let's get into the guts of your business to see what is going on. This can be around Budgets, time management, tech, training, self-development, sales, and growth.

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360 Business Diagnostic

By using a 360 digital diagnostic tool I can see which sectors of your business your team and yourself are aligned or misaligned with. This allows us to generate a plan of attack to gain greater clarity.

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Marketing and Brand

Defining who you are as a company, what you do and what your client can expect from you. Identify the pain points for your customer and marketing to them in a simple way is the key to success.

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Improved Communications

Good communication is the key to driving business success. The bigger a company gets the more difficult it is to align the vision and empower employees. I can help you improve your company wide comms.

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Operational Support

From Project planning, implementing systems and helping set KPIs. I can help make you and the company more efficient and robust to increase business performance.

People Development And Culture

Does your organisation work as efficiently, effectively and as happily as it could? I believe in employee Peak Performance, and I help brands to develop a culture that employees not only enjoy, but that they can thrive in. If you’re looking to enhance the performance within your organisation, I am here to help!

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Change Management

Every company goes through change and that can be hard for people at all levels. I have a lot of experience in this area in small and large businesses and can help you and your workforce adapt to succeed.

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Enhancing Leadership Skills

Leadership plays a key role in a company succeeding. I have a real passion for guiding enthusiastic leaders towards accomplishing their full potential. First through Self leadership and then inspiring others.

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Succession Planning

Having lead teams of up to 100 people I know how difficult it can be to keep everyone happy and motivated. I can work with you on where your next stars are coming from and how to motivate them.

business consulting services

Reaching Peak Performance

Taking you through new world leadership approaches to reaching peak performance. By creating a high performance, people centric culture, you will inspire your employees be the best that they can be!

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Mindspan Competancies

The Mindspan triad comprises 9 psychological competencies that balance your world, your life and yourself to achieve success both professionally as well as personally and in your business.

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Becoming a Multiplier

The best leaders make everyone else around them smarter and enhance the capabilities of people around them. This breads a truly engaged culture of high performance. And I can show you how.

“I’ve attended several workshops that Neil has run or organised and they have really helped me think differently and confirm some things that I thought I already knew.

Neil has a modern approach to leadership and personal development, with a wealth of knowledge that he is passionate about passing on.

Neil also ran a GrowthMapper session with me, which helped unlock some insights into my business.”

James Brand

CEO at Innovative Creations Ltd

“Neil was the Innovation Director at ICKG while Ventura Digital were based at the Centre; and it was a pleasure working with him. Neil was proactive in providing a number of business support services including a series of events, intros to local businesses and relevant peer networks, leadership support and 1:1 coaching sessions. Absolutely no reservations in recommending Neil to help bring new perspectives to your business. May our professional paths cross again!”


Dan Spicer

CEO at Ventura Digital