Non-Executive Director

Growing Companies Need Non Execs

Previously I have held Non-Executive Director board positions and I am always on the lookout for interesting companies that I feel I can add value to with my experience.

The benefits of someone like me being on your board are summed up by what a Non – Exec Director actually does.

A Non-Executive Director is an individual who sits on your Board of Directors but is not a member of your executive team or involved in day-to-day operations. Non-Executive Directors are involved in planning, policymaking, monitoring your executive Directors, and ensuring that the Board acts in the best interest of shareholders.

They are usually on the Board to challenge how a company performs and directs itself. They are often seen as more objective than Executive Board members who may face conflicts of interest or issues within the business.

Furthermore, these individuals help ensure that your Board/Business is accountable. They help you determine and manage your strategy and performance, provide insights into potential issues that could affect your business, and reveal problems that may not yet be apparent.

I can provide all of the above and also provide value through an extensive network of contacts, helping you get access to grants, equity investment and other resources as needed.

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“Neil is a rare combination of talents. We worked together on the Board of Adapt where the organisation greatly benefited from his commercial insights and he illustrated his great skills as a boundary-spanner. He led a number of commercial and retail developments to great success in very challenging markets and his focus on developing people was self-evident. I’ve never known Neil other than charming, positive and relaxed; one of those rare determined, achieving, yet warm people. I completely trust Neil’s insights into business and markets. One of those rare people who can achieve whatever they put their mind to, and any Board or senior leader/manager would benefit from Neil’s time and insight”

Kevan Williams

Associate Professor and Company Director at UEA

What Can I Do for You?

If you feel I would be a fit for your business in a Non-Executive Director capacity please contact me as I would love to have a chat.