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Leadership Coaching

Personal Development Workshops

Personal development and business workshops are a great way to engage your team as well as expanding your own knowledge regarding personal development. The workshops I run bring the theoretical practises of Mindspan Peak Performance to life through an interactive workshop. For further information on the workshops I currently offer, continue reading!

Leadership Coaching

Keynote Talk

This 45 minute workshop can be an introduction to Mindspan, the Foundations of Thinking or can be used to explore 1 key competency from the Mindspan psychology framework. Discover what to expect from a keynote talk or contact me to book yours today.

Leadership Coaching

2 Hour Workshop

My 2 hour workshop is perfect for small teams and groups. These impactful sessions usually focus on linkedin topics within the Mindspan frameworks such as clarity and purpose. My interactive workshops are a great first step to building personal development plans for your team. 

Leadership Coaching


Who doesn’t love a trilogy? This series, formed of 3 1.5 hours workshops, covers the Foundations of Thinking, The Critical Self and Life sections of the Mindspan framework. I recommend sessions are spaced 1-2 weeks apart to achieve the best results.


Online via Microsoft Teams or in person (depending on location)rper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Anyone who is open to working on themselves and wanting to be a more effective leader. This combines both professional and personal life as they are fundamentally linked more than ever.

Personal Development workshops are around Self Leadership of the individual plus also looking at Mindset and Positive change in the Work place.

Business Development workshops tend to be more technical with a ‘Hard skills’ approach to help solve a certain challenge, develop and idea, business planning or just a good old fashioned sounding board.

Yes, they sessions can work from small groups up to around the 50 person mark to allow effective engagement and questions.

They will have access to some digital resources from the Mindspan website such as the M.C.I, Life audit and Values exercises.

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If you would like to find out more about the workshops I offer and the benefits of them, please contact me as I would love to have a chat.