The Trilogy Personal Development Workshop

This 3 part series of 1.5 hour sessions is to provide a taste of what it truly takes to reach personal peak performance and change the way people think to improve their lives. 

Mindspan has spent the last twenty-one years researching what it is that enables people to perform at high levels. The key finding is, that whatever your surroundings or circumstances it is what is going on in your head that is most important.

The series will help individuals focus on self-leadership, creating high performance and generate more fulfilment in people.

How will Trilogy benefit those attending the workshop?

The content of this series is based on the Mindspan Triad with 3, 1.5hours sessions spread 2 weeks apart. This allows the participants to take away the learning between the sessions and complete the exercises allowing for habit formation to start.

There are multiple benefits to the workshops that include:

The overall main benefit of this type of approach and these sessions and it may sound cheesy, is for people to live a happier life and be driven to move to the next level in whatever area of their life that might be. 

Don’t underestimate the power of Happiness!

What is covered in each session of the Trilogy personal development workshop?

Over the course of the 3 sessions I take attendees through some key learnings that can be applied to their daily life, both Professional and Personal as that has never been more linked than now. 

These include:

Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching

Workshop 1 – Foundations of Thinking

Workshop 2 – Why what you Focus on affects your Self Belief

Workshop 3 – Gaining Clarity and Purpose in everything you do

The main outcome from this session is finding Personal values and Affirmational goal setting that you can take forward to improve your life and personal development.

Who is this personal development workshop series aimed at?

The workshops are aimed at teams who wish to improve their thinking, leadership skills and hit high performance. This can be at an Executive level in larger companies or in a SME that is looking to develop its employees.  

“The Mindspan training sessions provided a great opportunity for our staff to consider their ways of working, as well as their overall mental wellbeing. The workshops were met with enthusiasm, and I could clearly see that our staff were engaging with the content. Neil made the sessions informative, interactive and enjoyable, and went the extra mile to ensure that participants’ questions were answered, even between sessions.” 

Tracy Gale - Divisional Registrar, University of Oxford

What Can I Do for You?

If you would like to find out more about the workshops I offer and the benefits of them, please contact me as I would love to have a chat.