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Everyone has a mission and mine is to help people personally develop and grow themselves to get to where they want to be. This can be in a professional sense or a personal one but they are fundamentally linked so taking time to address both is key. Please don’t underestimate the role your happiness plays in your success.

Having come up through the ranks at a large SME I have seen both the top and bottom of the ladder, ending up at Director level. And I can tell you at every stage from Directors to Part time workers they all need some form of support. I started my business to help those up and coming leaders in larger organisations to get the support they need and if I’m honest to also challenge the status quo of the people above them. My view is if you take the time to personally develop yourself you can accomplish anything.  

I am lucky enough to have an MBA from the University of East Anglia and am also Chartered in Consulting and Management. I don’t flaunt this as I think I am better than anyone else, I mention it because if I can do it anyone can. I was a grade C student at school and didn’t really start on my management journey until my mid 20s but I am proud of where I have got to. It is good to celebrate your successes, it reminds you that with everything that is going on you do some great stuff.

I have worked in and lead High Performing teams and that is my passion. To reach that Peak Performance level you do need to put in the hard work of getting clarity, living with purpose and changing habits. And it is easier to do that with someone than without. This is why I would also advocate for anyone who wants to develop and progress having a coach.

I myself have had coaches in the past and still today have mentors and confidants that give me a great sounding board when I am in need for advice. If you have gotten this far into reading this and are umming and arring about whether you think you need a coach/consultant or not, the fact you are even here suggests you could probably benefit from one.  My suggestion is reach out for a chat and we can grab a quick call over a coffee.

My Personal Values

I fully believe in embracing your personal values so here are mine. Intrinsic values drive you everyday and align with your wants and needs. So let me help you embrace yours.







Feedback & Reviews

I have worked with some amazing people and businesses and they have been kind enough to write testimonials for me.

“Neil is an experienced and knowledgeable leader and coach. He takes the time to really get to know you, clearly interested in people and their stories and offers insights, advice, guidance and sometimes simply an ear when you need it.”

Simon Morris

IT Director at Ithika Recruitment

“Neil is a multi-disciplined, pragmatic business advisor and coach, combining a great depth of skillsets which always results in insightful and workable advice. His knowledge spans across Business Strategy, Leadership Development and Coaching.”

Angela Knox

Tech Founder at Keep Fit Eat Fit

“I found the several sessions with Neil extremely useful. Most importantly, they made me set aside time to focus on one of the most important things in my life that also affects other people – me!”

Duncan Gill

Centre Director at Oxford Innovation

What Can I Do for You?

Every coach and consultant will say they can help you and there are lots of us out there. So why am I different and how can I help you?

Embrace the ‘Ouch’ moments!

With all my clients I ask that they embrace the Ouch moments. These are moments where they might feel uncomfortable or are wary of. Getting out of our comfort zone helps us to develop and grow. There is a reason you feel the way you do and we need to push through the boundaries to help you.

I use psychology to help you understand why you think the way you do. 

A lot of what I do is based around research and the way the brain works. What’s going on in our head is fundamental to how we perform on a daily basis. We can get to the route of that and help you drive Peak Performance.

Let’s solve your 2am moment.

The 2am moment is when you wake up in the night worrying about something that you either haven’t done, tackled or just plainly don’t know how to solve. We can work through these stresses together to get you to a good place where you are achieving and not procrastinating.

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Please check out my latest articles on a range of subjects relating to Personal Development, Coaching, Business and Growth. 

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