Keynote Talks

Personal Development Talks

If you’re looking to reach a bigger audience I also offer our Shorts range as talks for a 45 min session. These in-person or online events are engaging sessions that grab attention and provoke learning when you want to develop a larger group. These can be across a range of topics as detailed below.

What are the benefits of personal and business development talks?

They often help people to unlock their potential by giving them a taste of what things could be like if they changed an aspect of their life or business. This type of talk can also reinforce an area individuals or businesses are working to add more credibility and help the leaders to see things in a different light too. 

A keynote talk helps to transform your Vision into a Shared Vision. I do this through a ‘tailor-made inspiration’ approach through topics that help create practical possibilities for the future. The overall goal is to provide inspiration and motivation for your organisation to grow.

Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching

What personal development topics are covered in a 45 minute keynote talk?

  • Thinking Cycles
  • Self Leadership
  • Habit creation
  • Focus Theory
  • Choice Theory
  • Affirmational goal setting
  • Positive language
  • Values exercise
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Creating a Mission, Values and Vision
  • Multipliers
  • Courageous conversations and Radical Candor
  • Time management   

Who is this type of talk best suited to?
Larger groups and Business people.

I can provide all of the above and also provide value through an extensive network of contacts, helping you get access to grants, equity investment and other resources as needed. 

“I would recommend that everyone should attend an introductory mindspan session. It will most likely set them thinking”

Peter Smith

What Can I Do for You?

If you would like to find out more about the workshops I offer and the benefits of them, please contact me as I would love to have a chat.