2 Hour Personal Development Workshops

Personal Development Talks

2 Hour Personal Development Workshops

If you have less time available take a look at a 2 hour high impact session that can drive change quickly in a certain area of development that meets the requirements of your team and future direction of the business. 

Are you getting the best out of yourself, your relationships, or even your team?

You may not be aware, but there’s a direct link between how you think and the results you’re achieving in all aspects of work, career and life. Unlock true potential in yourself and others by organising a short 2 hour workshop

How will a 2 hour development workshop benefit the participants?

The main benefit of these sessions is to have some dedicated thinking time for yourself and your teams to think about your current performance and what you might like to change. Are you doing as well as you’d like in life, or would you like to make some changes and improvements?

Perhaps you feel a little lost and would like guidance and clarity. I can work with you on any and all areas of your life to help you define and achieve specific goals, as well as overcoming obstacles to your personal growth. I aim to help you improve your self awareness, create an empowering identity, and unleash your potential to succeed.

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What personal development topics are covered in a 2 hour workshop?

These interactive and engaging topics can each be delivered as a high impact 2-hour Workshop for small groups:

Mindspan Introduction to Thinking and Higher Performance 

  • Self Leadership
  • Increasing Confidence
  • How to Focus to achieve what you want
  • Goal Setting the Mindspan way
  • Better Time Management
  • How to relieve stress and become more resilient
  • Using psycholinguistics to help with more positive language  

Who is this 2 hour development workshop best suited to?

People and Businesses who want to focus on a particular area of Personal Development and spend some more time going into the detail of that specific area. 

These are aimed at teams and smaller groups of leaders.

Leadership Coaching

“Thought-provoking session which provided a much-needed opportunity to take a moment to pause and be present, whilst also learning about how our subconscious mind can be harnessed to help achieve the things that we want from life.”

Sian Lindsey - AlgoLabs

What Can I Do for You?

If you would like to find out more about the workshops I offer and the benefits of them, please contact me as I would love to have a chat.