1-2-1 Business, Performance and Personal Development Coaching

1-2-1 Coaching

I offer 1-2-1 coaching sessions using a range of techniques and methodologies to help you reach your full professional and personal potential.

During these coaching sessions we explore how to help you fulfil your full potential on a daily basis using the Mindspan approach. This starts with the concept of Self Leadership, to work on yourself to be in a good place to then lead others. 


I work with ambitious Executives, Professionals and Business leaders who want improved thinking, clarity, focus, productivity, resilience, accountability and guidance. Supporting them to the next level.  This can be bespoke in both timings and frequency but I find a 3-month period really gets individuals focused with clarity and purpose, taking them forward in their career and life.

Leadership Coaching

Executive Coaching

I believe everyone, no matter what level they are at in a business, needs a sounding board. Helping you to manage your business and your people more effectively by creating an environment that you can thrive in. At this level we work on your behaviours and habits to see what areas we need to improve on and set goals for you to achieve results.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

What is your Leadership style and is it changing as you and the business grow? To be a good leader you need a mix of both hard and soft skills to succeed. When was the last time you considered this or had any formal guidance/training?

Leadership Coaching

Confidence Coaching

Improve your self-confidence by having greater self-belief and becoming more assertive, more decisive and more comfortable being YOU! I can help you unlock your confidence and then you are set to thrive.

Leadership Coaching

Career Coaching

Where do you want to get to in your career? And above all, how are you going to get there? Do you even know? Having come through the ranks in big and small businesses I can help guide you to help make decisions on your future.


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“I found the several sessions with Neil extremely useful. Most importantly, they made me set aside time to focus on one of the most important things in my life that also affects other people – me!” 

Duncan Gill - Oxford Innovation

What Can I Do for You?

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