Positive Focus

Focus is a mental state

Focus is a mental state of concentration and attention on a specific task or activity while excluding or minimising distractions. It involves directing one’s attention and energy toward a particular goal, idea or object, and maintaining that attention for a sustained period of time. This can also sometimes be called getting in the zone or into Flow.

To achieve focus/flow, it is important to clear the mind of any irrelevant thoughts and distractions and to centre your attention on the present moment. This can be accomplished through various techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, deep breathing, or simply eliminating external stimuli such as turning off notifications on electronic devices.

When we are focused, we are better able to process information, retain knowledge, and solve problems efficiently. We are also more productive and efficient, as our attention is directed toward the task at hand, and we are less likely to become distracted or overwhelmed.

The brain works teleologically and simultaneously magnificent in its complexity and its simplicity in how it wants to get things done.  That means it can only move towards what it is focused upon and that it actively likes to complete goals. We just need to give it the right focus and input of language to point it in the right direction.

Thus, as complex as it is, it only moves toward what it is focused on. It, therefore, creates the outcomes that dominate our thoughts and everyday lives-whether those thoughts and attitudes be positive, negative or indifferent.

Because your focus may tend to be on the negative. Things you don’t like and circumstances that you feel uncomfortable or unhappy with this can dominate your thought process, language and become self-fulfilling properties.

In essence, you are focusing on not being able to focus. On failing at that particular goal.

Does this type of language sound familiar when going about your day-to-day?

“I never seem to get anything done. There is always too much going on, never enough time in the day. I never get anywhere with anything”.

If that’s not focus, then I don’t know what is. It’s focusing on failure, on not being able to get what we want or achieve what we set out to do. Focus is not all about the good things, we can just as easily focus on the bad or negative aspects of life.

Mission accomplished. So don’t beat yourself up over it, it is what you were focused on. Don’t, therefore, be surprised that it was the end result.

The human brain is a miracle. One of the most amazing pieces of engineering in the known Universe.

Yet for all that, it will only do what we tell it to or expect it to do.

So let’s focus it positively to have the impact you want.

Start to focus on what you want. Not what you don’t want or how you never seem to get anything done or get anywhere with anything-because if that is what you are getting your brain to focus on, then that will always be the end result.

Be single-minded and identify whatever it is, set your mind to it and achieve it.

You’ll get there. Because you are focusing on the outcome you expect. Which is what most of us are used to doing anyway. Except that the outcomes are going to be different.

“I always get everything done that needs to be done. There is more than enough time in the day to do it in”.

By shifting this formula around you are giving yourself a much better chance of achieving your goals and having an impact in all you do.

So to conclude, focus is a critical mental state that enables us to achieve our goals and maximise our potential. By cultivating this through thinking techniques and positive language strategies, we can improve our ability to concentrate, process information, and solve problems effectively.

And remember Decide what you want. Focus on it and then you’ll Achieve it,

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