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Mindspan helps Bracknell employees back to work

I recently delivered a 2 hour Peak Performance Mind session to The Bracknell Enterprise Hub. This was based around the foundations of thinking using Mindspan practices. 

The engagement in the room was very good and I got some great feedback from Senior Leaders who are applying the learning to themselves but also the business. This was also picked up by BBC Radio Berkshire and a local News channel as well as local business websites. So you could say I am a Radio and TV star but I feel that is a stretch 😃

Here is more detail about the session and what people took from it. 

A pilot scheme to support Bracknell people as they return to the office, after almost two years of working from home, has been launched at Bracknell Enterprise & Innovation Hub. The scheme aims to improve the professional and personal lifestyle of business owners and employees.

Bracknell-based business people, including Sian and David Lindsay of FinTech research and development company, AlgoLabs, attended the free workshop.  Company Secretary, Sian Lindsay, said:

“Interacting face-to-face with other people is actually really good for our mental health, yet COVID has left some of our team quite anxious at the prospect of carrying out ‘normal’ work activities such as commuting or even going out for a team lunch. As we’re all starting to return to the office, the timing of the Mindspan workshop couldn’t be better – it has really provided us with some good techniques to help build our confidence and resilience.

I actually work with my husband, so our personal and professional lives definitely became even more intertwined during lockdown! This workshop appealed to us because of its holistic approach – through it we were able to identify what makes us happy on a personal level and how to apply that to our professional development. Though we all have our different “identities” depending on what role we’re performing (i.e. employee, parent, spouse, carer etc), our values and beliefs about happiness and success tend to remain constant. We realised that we picked-up some bad working habits during lockdown that we need to adjust and today was an important step in helping us on that journey.”

Personal Development Coach Mindspan

Innovation Director and Mindspan Performance Coach, Neil Griffin, is delivering the pilot scheme in partnership with Oxford Innovation. The Mindspan team has recently worked with The Premier League, Barclays and University of Oxford, with coaching sessions based on a foundation and curiosity of finding out why some people get more out of life than others, why some handle challenge better and why some people are more or are more successful and happier than others. 

Neil Griffin, said: “It is important that people don’t underestimate the role that personal happiness plays in achieving success and that’s never been more prominent than now.  Taking time to address both are really key and it has been rewarding to meet Bracknell business owners and employees today to provide techniques on how to achieve personal growth and to develop a positive mind-set about adjusting to hybrid working or returning to the office.”

As the leading operator of business and innovation centres in the UK, including Bracknell Enterprise & Innovation Hub, Oxford Innovation will potentially roll-out the scheme across its network next year.  

Shelley Furey, Centre Director, Bracknell Enterprise & Innovation Hub, added: “Everyone attending Neil’s workshop were able to take away that a person’s ability to think positively is key to achieving more in life on a personal and professional level. I’m pleased that we have been able to offer Bracknell business people with some guidance on how to develop during these challenging times.”

For more information on how this type of foundation session can help your organisation please contact me at: or 01206405504

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