Personal Responsibility

Are You Taking Responsibility For Improving Your Life?

I’ve had a fascinating last couple of years working with individuals and groups of all shapes and sizes sharing Mindspan principles to aid performance and personal development.

Whilst it’s a privilege to spend my time coaching and amazing to witness people getting more from life and their job I’ve been increasingly frustrating myself with what’s going on around me (we all create our own emotions and more about this on another blog!).

So often when I read or watch the media and listen to peoples’ conversations, individuals seem to be looking OUTSIDE of themselves for things to be ‘put right’ or ‘made better’ or ‘solved’. What is it that’s created a culture that lacks so much personal responsibility? Why do so many feel that it’s someone else’s responsibility to put their life right or improve their job satisfaction?

I’m not suggesting that governments don’t need to be responsible or that management in the NHS shouldn’t be accountable or that Energy companies or Eurozone Leaders don’t have a lot of things THEY need to get sorted. There are lots of things THEY are responsible and accountable for, but I personally don’t believe THEY are responsible for YOUR life and the general conditions of it!

I’d like you to consider this…

Who’s responsible for your attitude?

Who’s responsible for your thinking?

Who’s responsible for creating your emotions?

Who’s responsible for your choices and decisions every day?

Who’s responsible for the quality of your relationships?

Who’s responsible for what you’re working towards in life?

Who’s responsible for what you’re earning and saving?

Who’s responsible for how you spend your time?

Who’s responsible for what you choose to eat?

Who’s responsible for your level of fitness?

In these times of economic, job and career uncertainty it can seem tough. It can seem like we’re waiting for our Leaders and others to make their high-level decisions to ‘put things right’ and get OUR lives back on track. Whilst we can wait and hope they make the best decisions for our countries and the populations within them please make sure YOU are taking full responsibility for YOU. 

Whatever the conditions around you, be fully accountable for what YOU do every day, take full responsibility for what YOU do and YOUR reactions and responses to people and circumstances.

Your life is YOUR responsibility, not someone else’s! 

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