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Business growth tips – Eastern Promise podcast

Recently I appeared on the fantastic Eastern Promise podcast with Mike Rigby.

He visited the Innovation Centre Knowledge Gateway where I am based for a tour but to also talk about the business support I provide. For me personal development of leaders in the company is also key to business growth and we talk through what that means.

My bit kicks in on 33.15 minutes and you can hear me talk about:

The East Anglian Ecosystem in general and the opportunity for the region. 

We also get specific about what is Innovation?

I talk about collaboration and the Virtuous Cycle plus how I use digital tools and frameworks to Growthmap business growth.

At the end I also talk through my 3 top tips for business growth.

Let me know what you think.

You can listen on Spotify here:

As always if you need support personal for your own development or guidance with your business growth aspirations please send me a message and we can connect. 

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